Tips for ACCA F4 Corporate and Business Law (Eng)

Q1 Statutory interpretation
Q2 Formation of a contract – consideration or intention
Q3 Tort of negligence – how the duty of care is breached
Q5 Debentures and charges
Q6 Appointment/termination of directors
Q7 Employment law – the employment contract/relationship
Other likely topics – breach of contract and remedies, company insolvency and Insider Dealing.

Kaplan tips
English Legal System
Human Rights Act
Contract Law
Acceptance/postal rule
Breach of Duty
Employment Law
Fraudulent Behaviour
Money Laundering
Insider Dealing
Company Law
Different Types of Directors
Voluntary Liquidation

First Intuition
Sources of law
Offer and acceptance
Contract terms
The law of torts
Employment law
Corporations & separate legal personality
Company meetings and resolutions
Fraudulent behaviour

•Contract breach
•Employment tests
•Company articles and memorandum
•Corporate governance
•Loan capital
•Limited liability

Open Tuition

Numbers in brackets indicate question to practice from BPP Revision kit
Precedent, ratio and obiter (6)
Consideration (24)
Terms (28)
Lifting the veil (63)
Resolutions and meetings (84)
Redundancy – explanation and rules (48
Auditors – qualifications, duties and powers (94 and 95)
Invitation, offer, counter-offer, scenario
Directors’ appointment and removal (88)
Alteration of Articles and binding force (69 and 70)
Compulsory and voluntary winding-up (98)
Shares and debentures (75)
Bribery Act ( Student Accountant article )

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Other likely topics Accolade Corporate Events

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